Ginny V. (Buyer)

“I cannot say enough good things about DeeDee! I’m from the Boston area and came down in Jan. for a week to begin looking for a new home. DeeDee “got me” right away and knew what I wanted to find. When I had to go back to Boston she kept in touch with emails of listings I might be interested in. When I sold my condo and moved in May we had 7-10 listings to see. House number 3 on the list was perfect and we put an offer in immediately. DeeDee worked with the seller’s realtor, the inspection crew, the title company, my mortgage company etc. etc. to make sure my sale went as smoothly as possibly. She responded to any emails or phone calls within minutes. I think she works 24/7! Would highly recommend DeeDee to anyone. Not only a hard worker but also a fun person to be around.”