DK and Diana O. (Seller) DK & Diana O. (Seller)

If you desire to sell your home with no effort you must call Dee Dee. (SUPER LADY). I met her at a showing and was so impressed I ask her to list my home. We told her 6 months would be great and within the FIRST WEEK SUPER LADY brought us a 99.4% offer. We flipped out with excitement and joy. With the offer she brought beautiful color brochures of our home and even had purchased tv time advertising it. While the brochures were absolutely beautiful and well designed we no longer needed them and they will serve as wonderful remembrances and mementoes of our exciting dealings with Dee Dee. Her marketing skills were unbelievable……Her knowledge of the local real estate market proved to be right on!! And her ability to get one excited over our home was just superb! What a tizzy she placed us in as we had nowhere to go! A wonderful problem to have… our daze we packed and were ready to hand over our home in just a few days. Her enthusiasm spilled over to us and we actually enjoyed the packing. A SUPER LADY she is indeed! Beautiful and full of charm be ready to move when she lists your home!!!!!